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Andrew Davollhttp://www.andrewdavollimages.comSpeaker at Workshop on many occasions, Andrew is a fine photographer with a strong interest in nature.
ANZANGhttp://www.anzangnature.comHome of the annual ANZANG Nature photography competition.
Australian Copyright Council of information about copyright, lots of downloadable documents etc.
Australian Photographic Society is an Australia-wide society of photographers. Members can join forums, gain honours etc
Blurbhttp://www.blurb.comOne of the best-known online photo book sites.
Camera Electronics (club sponsor) of the major photographic retailers in Perth.
Canon Australia Australian site for Canon
Chris Barry of NEPG and winner of the AIPP Scientific Photographer of the Year an many occasions.
Epson Australia Australian site for Epson.
Fujifilm Australia Australian site for Fijifilm
Genesis Fine Art by Nick Djordjevic. Nick is known as a storm-chaser and landscape photographer.
Hobart Photographic Society large and active club, based in Tasmania.
Jenni Horsnellhttp://www.jennihorsnell.comProminent nature photographer based in Canberra. Keynote speaker at the 2009 seminar run by Workshop.
Kodak Australia Australian site for Kodak.
Michael Morcombe photographer extraordinary, and author of many authoritative books on Australian birds.
My Reflections Photo Books producer of photo books based right here in WA.
National Geographichttp://www.nationalgeographic.comHome of the famous National Geographic magazine, renowned for decades for the quality of its photography.
Nick Melidonishttp://www.nickmelidonis.comA long-time friend of Workshop, eminent photographer, tour operator and educator in WA.
Nikon Australia Australian site for Nikon
Northern Exposure Photographer's Group friendly rivals north of the river.
Passion for Pixelshttp://www.passionforpixels.comA huge photo-sharing site where you can upload images, get feedback, participate in discussions etc etc.
Pentax Australia Australian site for Pentax
Photodo - Lens Test Informationhttp://www.photodo.comTechnical testing information about hundreds of lenses.
Photographer's Rights in Australia paper on the subject by Andrew Nemeth, a lawyer who knows what the law actually says about this.
Photonoteshttp://photonotes.orgA very large information resource aimed mainly at Canon users.
PRA Imaging (club sponsor) of the major photographic retailers in Perth.
Red Bubblehttp://www.redbubble.comOne of the many sites where you can upload and sell images. Many Workshop members have Redbubble accounts.
Shannon Conway photographer and speaker at Workshop on several occasions.
Shutterbughttp://www.shutterbug.netAn online photographic magazine.
Sony Australia Australian site for Sony cameras and electronics
Team Digital (club sponsor) of the major photographic retailers in Perth
The Luminous Landscapehttp://www.luminous-landscape.comA large site with opinions, equipment reviews, articles and tutorials.
Tony Hewitthttp://www.tonyhewitt.comProminent photographer and speaker, Tony has a unique way of seeing.
YARP - Your ARt Prizes site that lists all the art and photography competitions and prizes that are happening all over Australia.