How to build your own Website

Are you interested in having your own website?  It may be easier than you think.  Building a simple image-gallery style website can be done with surprisingly little effort if you have image editing software like Photoshop.  We have put together the procedures for Photoshop CS (probably also applicable to Photoshop 7) and Photoshop Elements.  We are indebted to Phil Deschamp for this initiative.  Other image editing packages probably have the capability too.  If any member wishes to write up the procedure for other software, the webmaster will be most grateful!

What You Need

Photoshop CS or Photoshop 7.  The procedure may also be applicable to earlier versions, but we have not verified this.

An Internet connection with space for a website.  Many Internet accounts include this.

Some time and a little work.


Fasten your seat-belt, and click on one of these links.

Photoshop CS

Photoshop Elements 3 (coming)