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Gallery: 1112 Competition Dec 2011 Subject - Night Photography

3. Night Shadow by Calais Tink
3. Night Shadow
Calais Tink
4. The Fire Eater by Phil Arntzen
4. The Fire Eater
Phil Arntzen
5. Cracking the whip by Marysia Arntzen
5. Cracking the whip
Marysia Arntzen
6. Jetty by Stephen Reid
6. Jetty
Stephen Reid
7. Perth in a Flash by Kathryn Fritz
7. Perth in a Flash
Kathryn Fritz
8. Perth Lighted Up by Heather Thorning
8. Perth Lighted Up
Heather Thorning
9. Lightly Swinging by Richard Powell
9. Lightly Swinging
Richard Powell
10. Como Footbridge by Toni Segers
10. Como Footbridge
Toni Segers
11. The Conjurer by Kaylene Taylor
11. The Conjurer
Kaylene Taylor
12. Heritage Walk by Lucy Mandyczewsky
12. Heritage Walk
Lucy Mandyczewsky
13. All that glitters.... by Lidia D
13. All that glitters....
Lidia D'Opera
15. Les Girafes by Garry Davies
15. Les Girafes
Garry Davies
17. The Fishing Fleet by Nola Sumner
17. The Fishing Fleet
Nola Sumner
18. Alien Lights by Phil Unsworth
18. Alien Lights
Phil Unsworth