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Gallery: 1110 Competition October 2011 Open

1. Ghostly Sandunes by Lucy Mandyczewsky
1. Ghostly Sandunes
Lucy Mandyczewsky
2. Up, Down, Through the middle? by Karen Stackpole
2. Up, Down, Through the middle?
Karen Stackpole
3. A Rainy Day in Perth by Toni Segers
3. A Rainy Day in Perth
Toni Segers
4. Baby Ashton by Calais Tink
4. Baby Ashton
Calais Tink
5. Along the Rural Road by Nola Sumner
5. Along the Rural Road
Nola Sumner
6. Dr Phil by Warren Joyce
6. Dr Phil
Warren Joyce
7. Tourists ! by Gregory Bell
7. Tourists !
Gregory Bell
8. Sparkling Goddess by Kaylene Taylor
8. Sparkling Goddess
Kaylene Taylor
10. Graffiti House by Joe Vaz
10. Graffiti House
Joe Vaz
11. Waiting In Silence by Heather Thorning
11. Waiting In Silence
Heather Thorning
12. untitled by AA Los Banos
12. untitled
AA Los Banos
13. Boat at Sunset by Margaret Laing
13. Boat at Sunset
Margaret Laing
14. Low over water by Frank Mancini
14. Low over water
Frank Mancini
15. OC_TUKKER_MAST by Harold Simpson
Harold Simpson
17. Getting ready by Richard Sak
17. Getting ready
Richard Sak