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Gallery: 1110 Competition October 2011 Subject - Ice

1. Ice Plant by Lucy Mandyczewsky
1. Ice Plant
Lucy Mandyczewsky
2. Kiddie Delight by Toni Segers
2. Kiddie Delight
Toni Segers
3. Patterns in Ice by Calais Tink
3. Patterns in Ice
Calais Tink
4. Cool Runnings by Nola Sumner
4. Cool Runnings
Nola Sumner
6. Strawberries In Ice by Heather Thorning
6. Strawberries In Ice
Heather Thorning
7. Dry ice......or witch's brew? by Susan Finlay
7. Dry ice......or witch's brew?
Susan Finlay
8. Ice Princess by Kaylene Taylor
8. Ice Princess
Kaylene Taylor
9. On The Rocks by Richard Powell
9. On The Rocks
Richard Powell