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Gallery: 1108 Competition August 2011 Open

1. Small treasure by Garry Davies
1. Small treasure
Garry Davies
2. Tonka Fun by Calais Tink
2. Tonka Fun
Calais Tink
3. Golden Dawn by James Harrison
3. Golden Dawn
James Harrison
4. blowing in the wind by Margaret Laing
4. blowing in the wind
Margaret Laing
5. River Of Colours by Heather Thorning
5. River Of Colours
Heather Thorning
6. Red & Blue Boxes by Karen Stackpole
6. Red & Blue Boxes
Karen Stackpole
7. Danielle by Frank Mancini
7. Danielle
Frank Mancini
8. head-on by AA Los Banos
8. head-on
AA Los Banos
9. untitled by Bianca Koehler
9. untitled
Bianca Koehler
10. Field of View by Joe Vaz
10. Field of View
Joe Vaz
11. fruit stall by Gregory Bell
11. fruit stall
Gregory Bell
12. Out of the dark by Linda Cooper
12. Out of the dark
Linda Cooper
13. Betty Boop Rose by Toni Segers
13. Betty Boop Rose
Toni Segers
14. Rough Sea by Alex Roy
14. Rough Sea
Alex Roy
15. Sunset reverie by Lucy Mandyczewsky
15. Sunset reverie
Lucy Mandyczewsky
16. A King Among Men by Warren Joyce
16. A King Among Men
Warren Joyce
17. Just walking in the rain by Mary Linder
17. Just walking in the rain
Mary Linder
18. Purple Haze by Jill Luha
18. Purple Haze
Jill Luha
20. Trigg dawn by Gary Tarbert
20. Trigg dawn
Gary Tarbert
21. Good Morning Perth by Richard Powell
21. Good Morning Perth
Richard Powell
22. Morning Glow by Rob Lewis
22. Morning Glow
Rob Lewis
23. Hard at Work by Kaylene Taylor
23. Hard at Work
Kaylene Taylor
24. Cathedral Gorge by Jan Fijolek
24. Cathedral Gorge
Jan Fijolek
25. Dawn over the Swan by Nola Sumner
25. Dawn over the Swan
Nola Sumner