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Gallery: 1108 Competition August 2011 Subject - Self Portrait

1. Framed with Flowers by Calais Tink
1. Framed with Flowers
Calais Tink
2. Artists Model by James Harrison
2. Artists Model
James Harrison
3. My Portrait by Heather Thorning
3. My Portrait
Heather Thorning
4. Dark Days by Toni Segers
4. Dark Days
Toni Segers
6. With Apologies to Picasso by Jill Luha
6. With Apologies to Picasso
Jill Luha
8. I see you by Michelle Joyce
8. I see you
Michelle Joyce
9. UFO by Warren Joyce
9. UFO
Warren Joyce
10. Never Grow Up! by Kaylene Taylor
10. Never Grow Up!
Kaylene Taylor
11. Moi by Nola Sumner
11. Moi
Nola Sumner
12. Untitled by Lisa Palma
12. Untitled
Lisa Palma