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Gallery: 1107 Competition July 2011 Subject - Wind

2. Wind Power by James Harrison
2. Wind Power
James Harrison
4. Windswept by Calais Tink
4. Windswept
Calais Tink
5. Autumn Breeze by Heather Thorning
5. Autumn Breeze
Heather Thorning
6. Pardon by Garry Davies
6. Pardon
Garry Davies
7. Windmills by Kathryn Fritz
7. Windmills
Kathryn Fritz
8. windy noon by AA Los Banos
8. windy noon
AA Los Banos
9. Fingers of wind by Margaret Laing
9. Fingers of wind
Margaret Laing
10. No Wind Today by Karen Stackpole
10. No Wind Today
Karen Stackpole
11. Windy Shore by Frank Mancini
11. Windy Shore
Frank Mancini
12. Windswept by Kaylene Taylor
12. Windswept
Kaylene Taylor
14. Wind Across the Dunes by Nola Sumner
14. Wind Across the Dunes
Nola Sumner